“Non-admission with the attributes of“ Spartak ”is real nonsense. Fans are identified pretty quickly anyway “

Maxim Kalinichenko – about the Moscow derby, Rodina’s chances in the Russian Cup and the approaches of Cherchesov and Shevchenko in the national teams.

On the eve of the match between Spartak and CSKA, ex-midfielder of the red and white, and now the coach of Rodina, Maxim Kalinichenko, gave an exclusive interview to VseProSport, and in which he appreciated the team of Domenico Tedesco, talked about how his current team will fight, and expressed his attitude to the formation of the national teams of Russia and Ukraine.

“Questions to the judiciary, why Tedesco was made the main rude coach of the coaching department”

Recently RPL clubs have become active in attacks on social networks. For example, “Spartak” arranged a ceremony with a horse voodoo doll on the eve of the match with CSKA. Do you like these promotions?

I take it exactly. It is clear that this is not being done for me, but for the fans, in order to whet the audience’s interest. I love everything that popularizes football, in this case – derby. Plus, it’s harmless enough. Not even on the edge, within the bounds of decency.

How will the lack of active support affect Spartak?

Active fans will be without paraphernalia. Honestly, I don’t understand why they are not allowed to go with her. As for me, this is real nonsense. Fans will still support their teams and identify fairly quickly anyway.

But they decided and decided. I’m already used to the fact that over the past few months the absurdity has increased significantly not only in sports, but also in the world. The main thing is that the fans are allowed in, and then they will figure it out.

Both Spartak and CSKA are called pioneer squads because of the large number of young people. The experience of individual players in this situation can be decisive?

I do not agree with this description of commands. There are no pioneer detachments there. Yes, the teams are young, but definitely not young. The footballers have already seen, though not super-experienced. I associate the draw mostly with the matches of the national team. Some club connections have been lost.

This usually happens after arriving from the difficult games of the national team. Even such signs don’t help, and the meetings are boring enough. I hope this match will be a shining exception.

How do you like Spartak under Tedesco?

I like it for its variability. Domenico is gradually building the football he wants. He is a structural coach, both the team and individual players are progressing.

Is this “Spartak” emotionally similar to the one that was under Carrera?

Emotions are similar, but Tedesco was artificially made the leader in yellow cards. I disagree that he behaves more defiantly or aggressively than most other coaches. Everyone reacts exactly the same. Questions to the judiciary, why he was made the chief rude coach of the coaching department.

The manner is the same as that of Carrera, but Tedesco did not become that in Spartacus. He has always been that way. If it energizes the guys, and does not irritate, then it is sincere.

Yesterday Sochi took first place, ahead of Spartak. The fight for the first place will press ?

The fight for the championship is less pressing than the fight for survival. It is too early to say that someone is claiming something. But being in the lead is better than catching up. This is normal for a team that is competing for high places. There is a bridgehead from which you do not need to descend. It is necessary to hold the position and step by step towards the goal.

“Red and white have been studied by us, and“ Rodina ”is a“ dark horse ”. “Dark horses” sometimes run fast “

What are Rodina’s chances against Spartak?

Chances are always and everywhere. Let’s take a look at Spartak’s game today. Red and white have been studied by us, and in general by everyone, and “Rodina” is a “dark horse”. “Dark horses” sometimes run fast. There is a possibility that Spartak will spend a lot of energy in the derby. Surely there will be a rotation. Rodina’s motivation will be higher than that of Spartak. All footballers have the same number of legs, arms and head. The one with the brighter head will win.

How to tune young guys to keep their knees from shaking?

They will definitely get nervous, but this nervousness should go away with the first touch of the ball. Nervousness before the game is normal, but during the game it is bad. Before the start of the match, everyone will tremble and worry. But let’s try to explain, we have a fairly experienced coaching staff. We will give everything that we can before the game. But they will go out to play football, this is their domain.

Are you not afraid of defeat, how did it turn out in the match between Sochi and Rostov?

To be afraid of wolves – do not go to the forest. We are perfectly aware that Spartak is from the upper part of the RPL, and we are only from the upper part of the PFL. There is a difference, but if you are afraid to play football, you don’t have to start. Will we try to convince the guys that they can compete with anyone?

Do you like the new Cup format?

It is good for PFL when there are guaranteed to be two games with more status rivals. I like this idea. Moreover, we immediately got to Spartak. What else could you dream of? Probably, RPL clubs are not very interested in it, although it is possible to release some of the young.

“Cherchesov has a conservative position: the strongest should play, no matter what. I like Shevchenko’s approach more “

Cherchesov summons experienced and proven fighters to the League of Nations matches, and Shevchenko brings up the youth. Whose approach is more justified given the status of the tournament?

Depends on the tasks. We don’t know what goals Cherchesov sets for the national team. Probably, he has a more conservative position: the strongest should play, no matter what. He uses this clip with rare exceptions.

Shevchenko has long shown himself to be a coach who is not afraid to introduce young people. He built his entire arrival in the national team on a significant rejuvenation of the composition. Playing in League A with Spain, Germany and Switzerland is an invaluable experience for young people.

Of course, I prefer Shevchenko’s approach. The League of Nations replaced friendly matches. It has the status of an official tournament with a background of control games. Where, if not here, to check the players who can potentially strengthen the national team?

Is there a danger of a late generation change in the Russian team?

– I don’t want to dig deep. There are quite a few young guys who could try to be included in the lineup. But I don’t want to go where they don’t ask me and give advice. You need to understand what the head coach of the national team wants. Sooner or later, a generational change will take place.

Is a trip to the national team useful for a football player if he is not on the field? For example, for Sobolev.

For the first time player, everything is useful. This is a plus and a huge charge of positive emotions. Even with those misunderstandings. This is not a person who played 100 caps for the national team, then they covered him up, then they called him up again and took him idle to conditional Kazakhstan. I think in the case of Sobolev everything is fine within the team.

Are victories over Serbia and Hungary charged for championship matches?

Switching from the national team to the championship can be painful. If Spartak and CSKA played not with each other, but with an average peasant or an outsider, there would be more problems with motivation.

“Non-admission with the attributes of“ Spartak ”is real nonsense. Fans are identified pretty quickly anyway “

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