Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Georges Saint-Pierre: bets and bookmaker odds on a possible fight

Khabib vs. GSP (Georges Saint-Pierre) – This sign is thrilling the sports world on social media. Khabib “Eagle” Nurmagomedov vs. Georges “Russia” Saint-Pierre is a battle that has been anticipated for many years. It is considered a difficult fight in terms of assessing the chances of opponents.

Canadian GSP, former UFC middleweight and welterweight champion, is approaching his 40s. Nurmagomedov, 31, would be the favorite to fight as the undefeated UFC lightweight champion, but his recent personal tragedy could have a huge impact on the athlete’s psychological state. Khabib’s father, Abdulmanap, passed away from problems related to COVID-19 earlier this month.

Will the fight take place?

As of July 28, bookmakers gave a coefficient of 6.50 for the fact that the fight will take place before the end of 2021, and 1.10 for the fact that if it happens, then later. In other words, the chances of seeing two famous fighters of our time fighting in the near future are slim.

Khabib’s last fight took place back in September 2019, when he finished off Dustin Poirier in the third round with a rear naked choke at UFC 242.

GSP’s last foray into the Octagon took place in November 2017 at UFC 217. He strangled Michael Bisping in the UFC Main Event to capture the middleweight title. Georges St-Pierre’s promoter Dana White recently spoke to ESPN and stated that if Khabib really wants a fight with GSP for his career, this offer will be considered.

Both opponents use grappling as a key part of their training and fighting. Nurmagomedov has the advantage in terms of fights on the ground, but Saint-Pierre, who started his martial arts career as a karateka, has more tools in the exchange of punches while standing

There would be parity in this match if they fought each other in their best years. Now, all things considered, the 31-year-old Khabib will have a decisive advantage.

Eagle vs. Rush

Khabib plans to fight Justin Gaethje in October 2020, which came as a surprise to many. After the death of Khabib’s father, Daniel Cormier (Khabib’s longtime training partner) was not sure if Nurmagomedov would return to the competition at all. He also commented on the information about the upcoming fight with Saint-Pierre:

“The duel with George needs to be organized. In terms of competition, Saint-Pierre is a very difficult opponent. Fighting St Pierre at 165 pounds would be a historic event, they don’t even have to fight for the belt. When you have big names like that, it might just be a fight with no title at stake. Make it in intermediate weight and that’s it. Let these guys fight each other.

I think that Khabib will win, but the decision will be the most difficult in his career, because you can’t just take and control St. Pierre. I think the fight will last five rounds. And I will never say that Khabib will lose. ”

Khabib currently has a 28-0 MMA record, and there have been rumors that he wants to retire with a 30-0 record. In theory, winning battles against Gaji and the GSP would allow him to achieve this.

Khabib vs. GSP is a fight in which both sides have shown interest, it is a great fight for both, and both opponents can receive huge payouts for entering the octagon.

However, Gatji is a big obstacle for Nurmagomedov, and GSP most likely dreams of Khabib defeating Gatji in October. It can be assumed that the fight between them will take place sometime in the fall of 2021, if Khabib comes out with a record of 29-0 on October 24.

Dana White has long dreamed of a McGregor vs. Khabib duel, but it seems that GSP’s fight against Nurmagomedov may well define the greatest fighter in MMA history. Given the recent circumstances and the potential of the rivals, we believe that we will eventually see them come face to face.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Georges Saint-Pierre: bets and bookmaker odds on a possible fight

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