Golf Fitness with FLEXI-BAR™

The FLEXI-BAR™ is an ideal multifunctional, 3D training and therapeutic device, which delivers a total body workout with high proprioceptive demands, whilst achieving long lasting improvements in overall physical condition. With origins in physiotherapy, the FLEXI-BAR™ is a highly effective tool for targeted preventative training and enhanced injury rehabilitation. It is the perfect holistic training and therapy tool for users young and old wanting to achieve their goals fast, whether it is:

  • Lose Weight Rapidly
  • Eliminate Back Pain
  • Recover from an Injury Quickly
  • Invest in Your Health and Well-being
  • Incorporate Flexi-Bar™ into Your Golf –specific Training

As any regular golfer knows, back pain and lack of flexibility are a common problem out on the golf course. The FLEXI-BAR™’s golf-specific training plans’ unique ability to target and strengthen the deep back and hip stabilisers means that with the right exercise programme, back pain, and restricted movement can become a thing of the past. A healthy back means a lower handicap. If Golf is your passion, then our revolutionary 3D FLEXI-BAR™ Golf Power Training Programme designed and recommended by the German PGA, will help you look after your back, strengthen and stretch your golf muscles, improve your swing tempo, prevent injury and get a lot more out of your game.

These revolutionary FLEXI-BAR™ Golf Exercise Programmes will:

Improve Warm-up Training

  • Effective warm up in under five minutes.
  • Can be used at home, on the course, in the physiotherapist’s rooms or at the driving range.

Improve Coordination

  • Better touch around the greens.
  • Better timing makes for a consistently smoother swing.
  • Muscle recruitment optimisation – fewer muscle moving means a less complicated swing; particularly effective for the putting stroke.

Increase Flexibility & Joint Suppleness

  • Greater flexibility means a larger arc on the back swing allowing for greater clubhead speed resulting in longer drives and more spin on approach shots.
  • Improving joint suppleness is very helpful for especially for golfers who started playing later on in life struggle to make a full shoulder turn and extension (torso mobility) on the backswing and follow through.

Increase Muscular Endurance

  • Strengthens entire muscle slings which are used almost exclusively in the golf swing.
  • Unlike rapid muscle strength gains from conventional training, exercising with FLEXI-BAR™ will allow you to maintain your level of touch around the greens.
  • Powerful core strength and pelvic floor muscle builder.
  • Eradicate fatigue on the finishing holes.

Targets the Deep Back Muscles

  • AGR seal of approval for promoting good back and spinal health.
  • Strengthens inter and intra-vertebral muscles.
  • Improves posture.
  • Relieves back muscle and spinal aches and pain.
  • Lessens stress from carrying/pulling the golf bag.

Improved Stability

  • Rapid improvements to core and hip girdle stability, for a balanced setup position.
  • Increased torso stability during dynamic movement for a more consistent swing plane.

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

  • Effectively strengthens and protects against back, joint, spine and muscular injuries.
  • Quickly corrects muscular imbalances in the body.
  • Greatly reduces rehabilitation time from injury.
  • Perfect for post-operative rehabilitation on the back, muscles and joints.
  • Effective therapy for a number of common golf-related disorders:
    • Golfer’s elbow
    • Arthritis
    • Osteoporosis
    • Back, neck and spine disorders
    • Disorders of the joints i.e. shoulder, knees and hips
Golf Fitness with FLEXI-BAR™

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