First Medical Company is a well-established, innovative and market responsive company. We take pride in bringing the most technologically advanced medical products to the market. FMC acquired the rights to FLEXI-SPORTS™ training tools in December 2010 with a view to changing the way South Africans think and feel about fitness, wellness, rehabilitation, as well as preventative and sport-specific training. FLEXI-SPORTS™ training tools are already being used by teams such as Bayern Munich FC, Manchester United, Newcastle United and the German National Soccer, Skiing, Swimming and Volleyball teams.

After an incredibly busy launching phase we were privileged to have world renowned sport scientist, Frank Thommes come to South Africa for a sport-specific masterclass roadshow where we were able to introduce FLEXI-BAR™ and XCO-Trainers™ so a number of our country’s top sports teams and organisations.
Frank is a top sport scientist and head of the highly acclaimed Perform Sports Academy in Munich, Germany. His knowledge about the tools and about total body training is unparalleled and is often referred to in Germany as “Mr XCO-Trainer”.

The training sessions were conducted in all the major centres starting with the Mother City, Cape Town, followed by Durban and then Johannesburg. We were lucky enough to spend time with among others the Springbok Sevens, RPC, The Sharks U19 & U21 Academy teams, EAP Active, Ajax Football Club, Maritzburg United, Amazulu FC, The Golden Arrows, Sundowns and Pirates FC as well as several top schools around the country.

The training sessions with Frank were both practical and educational as this is the first time most of the attendees have been introduced to the concepts of hand-held vibration training and reactive impact training. Players, coaches and conditioning teams alike were all equally impressed with the ability of FLEXI-SPORTS™ training tools to deliver a dynamic yet powerful total body workout. The workout in fact took quite a few of the players by surprise and had them begging for a break after just twenty minutes which led them to realise that even if they are 100 kg on the field, your core could well have been neglected for far too long leaving lots of room for improvement. They were also impressed by the short period in which the training can take place and how easily it can be incorporated into their cardio and core sessions in order to improve fitness, endurance, speed, strength and core stability.


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