“Ismailov died, died, just died. And then, when I thought what to do with him, they stopped the fight “

Alexander Emelianenko commented to VseProSport about his loss to Magomed Ismailov and announced a revenge. Yesterday in Sochi, one of the loudest battles of this year took place. Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov met at the ACA 107 tournament. Treshtok alternated with fraternization of fighters, and bookmakers chose an athlete from Stary Oskol as their favorite.

The arbiter ended the fight ahead of schedule. Emelianenko lost by technical knockout, but his opponent dominated during the fight. VseProSport correspondent Daniil Borozdin in an exclusive interview with our newspaper asked Alexander about the reasons for the defeat and the possibility of revenge.

How are you?

I feel great. I am pleased that I was able to see the points that need to be worked out. Ismailov did not present anything catastrophic and new. I foresaw his entire plan for the fight, just in a hurry I was eager to finish the tournament ahead of schedule. In none of the rounds did I feel any danger from him. Everything he could do, he did. Unlike Ismailov, I wanted to fight. Thought he was a man and would marry his honor. And the Magician, like everyone else, throws himself at his feet and saves himself with what he can. Ismailov’s dashing victory. Let him count it for himself, but I won’t count this defeat for myself.

Everyone wanted to see a colorful and spectacular fight, but Ismailov was afraid to fight. He created the appearance of a duel. I would like to draw the attention of judges to such events. If a person puts the fight on the ground in order to create the appearance of work, it is necessary to raise the athletes in a stance. And active actions are not in single strikes and creating the appearance that an attack is underway, but in a bundle that leads to something. Any fighter begins to beat so that he remains in the rack, and the other is on the ground. And then – finishing. And Ismailov – one blow: knock, knock, knock. It is not interesting anywhere except Dagestan.

So you are in favor of changing the rules?

Yes, the federations of mixed martial arts need to revise them. Activity is needed. There was nothing like that in our fight. Boring fight, but low bow to Ismailov, well done. Came out and made the impossible possible. You need to tune in to any fight, and I went out like a dude. This is my gross mistake. I didn’t believe in an opponent in front of me, I didn’t see a fighter there. Maybe it worked. You need to draw conclusions after each fight.

Underestimating the opponent?

This is not a rival, and everyone knew and understood this very well. Yes, somewhere I relaxed a little. Functionally I was ready much better than Ismailov. From the first round, he was breathing, snoring and tired. I thought what awaits him in the second round. And it so happened that I had a slash. And in the third round, he was able to expand it. This was his salvation. Ismailov died, died, just died. And then, when I thought what to do with him, they stopped the fight.

Still, the fight, due to which Ismailov won, is part of MMA. Thanks to her, Khabib is the best fighter UFC…

I have already phoned the audience and said: “That’s it, I come – we start to fight.” But tired of advice is impossible. Just imagine: the Olympics are going on, and two famous wrestlers converge in the final. One of them wins. Will the whole world shout to another person: “We need to fight”? I know my mistakes. But I can tinker, fight and knit, but I go out to fight. And my rivals are afraid of me.

You said what Ismailov’s battle plan was. And what was it for you?

I never made a battle plan. Like Ismailov, I go into battle only to win. I am very glad that Magi’s victory was able to propel him so much. This is a big step in Ismailov’s career. The main thing is that he uses all this for further victories. I am glad that I accompanied his promotion, but stupid people do not understand this. It was the only chance with me to fight and win. Ismailov was on the sidelines, and now Alexander Emelianenko has brought him to the top.

Why didn’t you change tactics during the battle?

From round to round, I saw him die. There is a fighter’s attitude that one cannot create an imitation of a battle. There must be some bundles. As in a joke, when in the hospital the judge says to the soldier: “I will now raise you in a rack.” It should have been earlier! Ismailov did not create anything there.

Nobody gave up, and the fight was stopped because of some stupidity: dissection. I was ready to continue the fight. I got up and even breathed, as if I had run only 300 meters. And the marathon was still opening in front of me.

Revenge to wait?

Yes, just not immediately, but after several battles. I know what to do with it next. I will tear it. But all the same in mixed martial arts this fuss must be eradicated. This is not what people like. I came up with this version: the first round is boxing, the second is wrestling, the third is MMA. And the restriction on the fight. Or you need to do rounds without time limits, so people can see them “die”.

Previously, bookmakers offered the following odds for a fight:

  • 1xBet: 1.42 for the victory of Alexander Emelianenko and 2.225 for the victory of Magomed Ismailov.
  • Vinline: 1.42 for the victory of Alexander Emelianenko and 2.65 for the victory of Magomed Ismailov.
“Ismailov died, died, just died. And then, when I thought what to do with him, they stopped the fight “

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