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First Medical Company is a well-established, innovative and market responsive company. We take pride in bringing the most technologically advanced medical products to the market. FMC acquired the rights to FLEXI-SPORTS™ training tools in December 2010 with a view to changing the way South Africans think and feel about fitness, wellness, rehabilitation, as well as […]

Golf Fitness with FLEXI-BAR™

The FLEXI-BAR™ is an ideal multifunctional, 3D training and therapeutic device, which delivers a total body workout with high proprioceptive demands, whilst achieving long lasting improvements in overall physical condition. With origins in physiotherapy, the FLEXI-BAR™ is a highly effective tool for targeted preventative training and enhanced injury rehabilitation. It is the perfect holistic training […]

“Non-admission with the attributes of“ Spartak ”is real nonsense. Fans are identified pretty quickly anyway “

Maxim Kalinichenko – about the Moscow derby, Rodina’s chances in the Russian Cup and the approaches of Cherchesov and Shevchenko in the national teams. On the eve of the match between Spartak and CSKA, ex-midfielder of the red and white, and now the coach of Rodina, Maxim Kalinichenko, gave an exclusive interview to VseProSport, and […]

Comparison of Grand Slam tournaments and ATP in tennis

An important component of tennis betting is understanding the difference between the three-set matches that are played in the regular ATP Tour and the five-set matches that are played in the Grand Slam tournaments. We will analyze the differences between the two and how this can affect player performance and therefore tennis betting. Structural differences […]

“Considering the line-up of Zenit, I think it will become the champion again”. Exclusive interview with Miguel Danny

Former Zenit footballer – about the offer from the blue-white-blue, Kokorin in Spartak and competition in the Russian championship. “Zenith has not yet accepted the offer” Danny, everyone is wondering if you are returning to Zenit. I had a conversation with the general director of “Zenith” Alexander Medvedev a couple of months ago. Then I […]

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