Betting lessons

The catch-up strategy in sports betting

With this material, we open a series of articles on strategies in sports betting. We hope that they will be useful for both beginners and experienced players. We would divide all currently existing strategies into two types. The first, let’s call it “mathematical”, includes those that are based on some scientific principles, and most of […]

Ways to Benefit from Betting Planning

The article discusses whether the schedule and structure of a sporting event can create additional opportunities for betters and make a profit. Sports betting markets are very effective, so in general it is not easy to get profit here, at least using standard methods. However, a self-respecting bettor never stops looking for additional opportunities to […]

Express bets: pros and cons

We will talk about the pros and cons of placing express bets, and whether they have a place among professional bettors, in our today’s material. When placing multiple bets, the probability of winning is reduced, but the size of the potential profit increases dramatically. It is known that this type of bet is the most […]

Account Difference Betting Market: Pros and Cons

How profitable is the account difference betting market? We will consider this issue in the context of discussions about whether bookmaker companies choose “their” side by placing quotes on this market. Betting on the difference in the account is quite popular among both beginners and experienced players. Like the handicap betting market, the odds of […]

Applying Opportunity Cost to Sports Betting

Opportunity cost is a useful concept for deciding the best way to maximize your return on investment. Even profitable players need to be aware of the potential costs of misallocating resources. Read on to learn more about applying opportunity cost to sports betting. What is Opportunity Cost? Imagine a high school student evaluating the merits […]

Bankroll management: odds, advantage and variance

Betting bankroll management and variance awareness are essential skills for players. What is the relationship between odds, advantage and variance? What are the bankroll implications of different odds? Read on to find out. By understanding what to expect from a series of bets, prudent bankroll management can help a player avoid certain behavioral biases such […]

The true price of the free bet

Why bookmakers offer their clients free bets, how they work, and what is their true price – all this in our today’s material. Very often, novice bettors choose a bookmaker for themselves, based not on the most profitable odds offered, but looking at the most “profitable” bonuses. At the same time, they do not even […]

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