Pelvic Floor benefits with the Flexi-Bar Pro

Pelvic Floor benefits - Men and Women FLEXI-SPORTS™ develops intelligent training tools and concepts for Fitness, Wellness, Health and Well-being. We are proud to introduce to you the PELVIC FLOOR WORKOUT DVD, clinically proven to stimulate, train and strengthen the Pelvic Floor and surrounding core muscles.

This PELVIC FLOOR WORKOUT DVD is aimed at everyone (whether male or female) who wants to preventatively or therapeutically exercise their pelvic floor – a core muscle group that is often ignored, to our detriment! Scientifically researched, designed and manufactured in Germany from physiotherapeutic aids for serious back and shoulder problems, the FLEXI-BAR™ gently, yet effectively engages and retrains the core and pelvic floor muscles through vibration training.

The Workout in this DVD has been proven to have a positive impact on the following:

  • The pelvic floor after pregnancy
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Stress and Urge incontinence (“weak bladder”) and its embarrassing complications
  • Body composition
  • Men’s and women’s sex lives
  • Core strength
  • Some of the painful symptoms caused by Endometriosis
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