Testimonial – Pelvic Floor

“I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and Energised have been supporting, advising and training me to keep fit and healthy all through my pregnancy. I still feel fabulous – I have been going to Bootcamp,strengthening my posture, pelvic floors, using the Flexi Bar – all in a balanced, appropriate way, learning to listen to my body. [...]

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Pelvic Floor benefits with the Flexi-Bar Pro

FLEXI-SPORTS™ develops intelligent training tools and concepts for Fitness, Wellness, Health and Well-being. We are proud to introduce to you the PELVIC FLOOR WORKOUT DVD, clinically proven to stimulate, train and strengthen the Pelvic Floor and surrounding core muscles. This PELVIC FLOOR WORKOUT DVD is aimed at everyone (whether male or female) who wants to [...]

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Hi All……I know it is really difficult to adjust to the chilly days we are having right now but looking beyond the curtain of rain at the little green shoots, and the buds on the lemon trees, will bring a smile to your face….new life always does!! SO, let us celebrate the start of SPRING [...]

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How Much Exercise Is Enough? By ATTUNE KINETICS

Shape Magazine asked Attune Kinetics these questions and parts of these answers were featured in the September 2012 issue. Is moderate or intense exercise better for you?   All intensities of exercise have their place. The intensity that is best for you to exercise at is dependent on your current fitness level, goals, time you [...]

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Health Blog By Marilina Lewis

HI All I found this article so interesting ……especially as I am seeing more and more people who are not eating fried fatty foods and are exercising regularly but still seem to be having health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high homocysteine levels and so on. Read about “The Four Horsemen of Aging” [...]

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Guy Fundayi Whipping The New Big Brother Champion Into Shape!

Have you seen the new Big Brother champion Keagan! Here he is training with the fantastic Flexi-Bar!

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Longevity Features Our “Fittastic” Xco-Trainers

Work it July 26, 2012 Filed under Fitness   The XCO-Trainer (R1 100) from Flexi-Sports is a fitness accessory that straps onto your arms during your regular workout routine. It consists of irregular-shaped granules that shift from side to side, using your power and momentum to release a counterbalance to your exercise routine. Originally developed [...]

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The Winner of the Flexi-Bar Competition

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone at Super Mom SA for the fantastic blog about our Flexi-Bar!! If you missed it then follow the link,  http://http//supermomsa.co.za/2012/07/flexi-bar/insights-of-a-mom/   July 28, 2012 | Filed under: Giveaways, Winner and tagged with: blog competition winner, flexi-bar, super mom blog winner, Winner   I am pleased to announce The Winner [...]

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Super Mom SA Blogs About How The Flexi-Bar Assists Kids With ADD & ADHD

WOW what a blog post written by Super Mom SA! Click on the link right now so you too can have a great read!!               http://supermomsa.co.za/2012/07/flexi-bar/insights-of-a-mom/ Have a fantastic weekend!! From yours in health & fitness The Flexi-Sports Team  

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Win with Flexi-Sports

Two lucky Fairlady readers each stand the chance to win a Flexi-Sports hamper worth R1500! Keep the kilos off during the winter months with Flexi-Sports. All it takes is one 15-minute, full-body workout two to three times a week to achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals. The vibrations of the Flexi-Bar promote and strengthen core [...]

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