The true price of the free bet

Why bookmakers offer their clients free bets, how they work, and what is their true price – all this in our today’s material.

Very often, novice bettors choose a bookmaker for themselves, based not on the most profitable odds offered, but looking at the most “profitable” bonuses. At the same time, they do not even think about the fact that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. In this article, we want to debunk the myths about “free” bets and prove that in fact they do not exist at all.

How do free bets work?

If you think that the free bet is a gesture of goodwill on the part of the bookmaker, then you are seriously mistaken. In fact, so-called free bets, which imply some kind of registration bonuses, and other advertising gimmicks are just an easy and proven way to attract new customers using an enticing signboard with little risk for the bookmaker.

The most famous and popular type of free bet is the standard free bet, supposedly without risk for the player. To place bets successfully, use accurate predictions from the site In fact, under this classic signboard lies deception. Firstly, to take advantage of such a beautiful offer of the bookmaker, you need to be a new client of this bookmaker without an account history.

As soon as you have registered and accepted the terms of use of the free bet, you are immediately prompted to deposit a certain amount and place a bet for that amount with fairly high odds (usually 1.50, but sometimes it goes up to 2.0) before you receive the same amount as a free bet. It is clear that bookmakers making such an offer do not consider a bet with a coefficient of 1.5 or higher to be risky.

If you haven’t noticed the catch yet, there is one more thing worth mentioning. Many bookmakers establish rollover obligations: if you suddenly win on a free bet, then your next step should be to place a bet on the amount of your original deposit (and sometimes even the most “greedy” bookmakers can reach ten times the size of the deposit) before you can lock in win.

So, one of the bookmaker companies – we will not name it here – offers the following condition: in order to qualify for the proposed free bet in the amount of 1,000 rubles, you first need to deposit 1,000 rubles from your own funds, and then play for the amount of the free bet up to reaching the total amount spent on bets of 10,000 rubles with odds above a certain threshold. Only in this case you will be able to collect your winnings – the chances of this, you see, are small.

Deposit Bonus

In addition to the most common “risk free” free bet, some bookmakers make, at first glance, a very lucrative offer of a “welcome” deposit bonus. It can range from 1000 rubles or more. The actual amount of money of the offer is given a central place in the marketing campaigns of bookmakers, but there are always conditions written in small print that betters must pay attention to.

If you take a closer look at the deposit bonus from one of the bookmakers in the amount of 2,000 rubles more closely, it becomes clear why this offer is not profitable. In fact, the bonus offer is split into several separate deposits set by the bookmaker. The maximum amount that a player can deposit at one time and get back is 500 rubles.

In practice, this means that in order to receive the declared 2000 rubles, you will need to deposit the same amount of your own funds in four separate installments of 500 rubles each. Every RUB 500 must be used for bets with odds above 1.50 before the next bonus is activated.

In addition, it is worth noting that only the profit (and not the original bet amount) from any winnings using the bonus will be credited to your account. If you placed a bet of RUB 500 using a deposit bonus with a coefficient of 1.5, then instead of receiving RUB 750 in winnings, you will only receive RUB 250 in profit.

Increased odds

Another eye-catching offer used by bookmakers is special offers for certain sporting events. These vastly inflated odds – sometimes up to 51.00 instead of 1.50 – can seem very beneficial. However, of course, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

An example of a real improved odds is Manchester City’s possible win over West Ham at 29.0 odds. Given that the odds for this match were actually 1.26, it should come as no surprise that such offers are generating intense interest.

In fact, it turns out that the maximum bet amount in this case is only 1o rubles and all winnings are paid in the form of free bets. Obviously, the offer instantly ceases to be attractive.

Cash out and express bet insurance

Express bet insurance and cashing out are innovative products that promise players more control over their bets, but these additional features come at a very high cost.

Thus, offers for cashing out funds never reflect real odds on bets during the game, and the potential profit from insurance of express bets (return of a bet if one of the predictions did not win, usually when betting on at least six predictions) is reduced the increased margin that players are forced to accept.

While they don’t fall into the same category as incentives to acquire new customers, both of these promotions work by hiding true value behind a facade of incentive or control.

Bookmaker Wars

All of the listed promotions are standard for most bookmakers in an increasingly crowded market. Many bookmakers are in fact competing with each other to create more attractive offers that can mislead players into thinking they are getting something for free.

At the same time, newbie players are drawn into a war of promotions, in which all bookmakers proceed from one basic principle, wrapping it in the gift wrapping of a thoughtful new proposal. Interestingly, the bookmakers who make such offers do not know how to deal with clients who are really capable of turning all these bonuses in their favor. Once you identify a beneficial value and take advantage of one of these offers, you will be blocked under a far-fetched pretext.

Free Bet refunds and early payouts are just a few examples of the newest regular promotions offered by bookmakers as they move away from their main betting function and focus more on marketing. As with earlier promotions, these promotions provide little or no benefit to customers and are only intended to get you to sign up and place higher odds.

So instead of wasting money on mindless promotions that get in the way of customers, Pinnacle strives to provide the best odds possible, the highest online betting limits and a unique support policy for successful players.

The true price of the free bet

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