Express bets: pros and cons

We will talk about the pros and cons of placing express bets, and whether they have a place among professional bettors, in our today’s material.

When placing multiple bets, the probability of winning is reduced, but the size of the potential profit increases dramatically. It is known that this type of bet is the most popular among beginners and those players who treat betting as entertainment, but do professional players make express bets?

Very often bookmakers publish stories on their websites about how some lucky person, having bet 100 rubles, won a million in the end. As proof, they cite the coupon of his bet, where we can find out that this so lucky client has collected an express from a dozen events and – lo and behold! – guessed the outcome of each of them. All of this has one goal – to show newcomers how easy it is to hit the jackpot, while not risking any significant amounts of money.

Note that in a different way, express bets are called “combined bets”. Below we will discuss the various types of such bets, consisting of several outcomes, the reasons for placing them, the risks and material benefits.

Multipliers with a high probability of winning

By the words in this subtitle, we mean a combination, usually of two bets, in which the probability of winning one of them is very high (for example, that Roger Federer will win in the first round of one of the Grand Slam tournaments). This is often used to increase the payout of the base bet you want to place and therefore provides a higher return on investment. The risk is associated with the fact that people often underestimate the likelihood of a seemingly obvious outcome of an event.

Let’s say a low-rated tennis player has a 90% chance of winning Federer in the first round. This means that there is a 10% chance that this will not happen. Yes, the figure is insignificant at first glance, however, if the probability of winning on your main bet is, say, 50%, then the overall probability of winning on such a combined bet will be 45%.

Multi-Favorite Bets

Another favorite option for newbies is a combined bet on all favorites (for example, football matches of top leagues) playing on the same day. Let’s imagine that you have selected ten matches, each of which has a 90% chance of winning (converting this into decimal odds, we get 1.11).

Then the probability of winning all ten favorites (let’s not forget that even if at least one of them draws or loses, our express bet expires) is calculated using the following formula:

1.11 10 = 2.8394

In other words, we get the probability of winning only 32.5%, which, as you know, is not too much. If the probability of winning the favorites was not 90%, but 80%, the winning odds of such a combined bet with ten outcomes would be 10.74%.

In general, as practice shows, those who like to make such express bets, as a rule, are always “let down” by one or two teams of their choice.

Risk Assessment

Another option for a combined bet can be a multi bet consisting of four or five events, the odds of each of which are already quite large (for example, a bet on the outsider of a football match). In this case, the bettor hopes, frankly, for a miracle, but if it does happen, his winnings can reach a gigantic amount compared to the size of the bet.

It is unlikely that a professional will use any of the strategies we have indicated, since when placing a combined bet, it is often required to use less favorable odds than the bookmaker offers. In addition, such events are characterized by high variability.

In addition, for amateurs, the opportunity to bet singlears for large sums may be limited by the size of the game deposit, which, in principle, cannot be provided by professionals. It is much easier for them to wager large sums on all events of one line instead of making several bets combined into one.

Professional Express Placement

Still, there is the placement of express bets among professional players (and their results are even better than if they had placed the corresponding odinars), however, speaking about this, one must understand all the pros and cons of combined bets.

The disadvantages are:

  • Higher commission on lines;
  • Understated limits for each individual event;
  • The need to wait for the end of all events to make a profit.

The pluses are as follows:

  • Much larger payout than single bets;
  • Ability to combine bets using current odds;
  • Advantage Bidding;
  • Opportunity to wager large sums of money at current odds using the system betting option.

Let’s dwell on the last two points in more detail.

When we talk about betting with an advantage, we mean that if each of the bets you make is an advantage for the player, you can easily cover the amount of additional commissions that the bookmaker sets for bets consisting of multiple bets.

With regard to bets of the “system” type, they involve placing bets on all combinations of the outcomes you choose. For example, you have selected four events with a favorable, in your opinion, expected probability of winning. Then you can place the following combined bets:

  • One for all four events together (1,2,3,4);
  • Four, in each of which three events are selected (1,2,3; 1,3,4; 1,2,4; 2,3,4);
  • Six, in each of which two events are selected (1.2; 1.3; 1.4; 2.3; 2.4; 3.4).

Thus, you have to bet more, overlapping all possible options, but the return can also increase significantly.

Summing up, let’s say that express bets have two sides: either they are a source of thrill and practically do not carry risks (since the players operate with insignificant amounts), or, if we are talking about a professional approach, they bring good income .

Express bets: pros and cons

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